BIG enough to carry....small enough to care


Common FAQs

What is Unite Systems?
Unite Systems is an alliance of small IT businesses and freelance professionals in Ghana. Unite Systems believes there is ‘strength in unity’ and aims to combine the strengths of a larger business to those of a small enterprise for its members. It’s a win-win situation where members maintain their sovereignty but are also able to take advantage of benefits the alliance provides.
How can I become a member?
Unite Systems recognizes registered businesses and certified freelance professionals. In or-der to become a member, you must
  1. fill out an application form (professionals) or send us an application letter (businesses)
  2. pay the one-time registration fee (non-refunable)
  3. provide copies of your registration certificates (businesses) or certifications (professionals)
What happens after I register?
Once you have applied, the application will be reviewed and a Brand Officer will be in touch with you to assess you and provide you with feedback on compliance requirements. Once you have completed the requirements within the specified timeframe, you will be placed in active member status.
What do I gain from membership?
Only active members are considered for contract jobs. They also receive quarterly compli-ance checks that help them remain sharp in business. Members share knowledge and in-dustry best practices, updates on appropriate training programs, publicity, free assessment & feedback for optimal business practices including operations and bookkeeping analysis and more. The alliance also creates the environment for referrals amongst members while expanding individual professional network. Members would also benefit from periodic fo-rums and conferences that provides information on industry best practices.
What if I don’t find it beneficial?
There are no ‘golden handcuffs’ as a member of Unite Systems. Members are free to exit at anytime by a simple notification letter or email. Once the notification is received, the mem-ber is placed in an inactive status. Should an inactive member wish to re-activate their status at a later time, all past dues from the time of deactivation would need to be settled first.